Three Services That A Real Estate Attorney Can Provide You

Residential real estate purchases can be stressful events for individuals to go through, but there may not be a wiser investment that a person can make in their future. When you are developing your strategy for buying real estate, a range of important services can be provided by a real estate attorney. In particular, there are several key services that these professionals offer that could greatly aid you during the home buying process.

Zoning Review

Many properties will have seemingly unusual zoning and use restrictions in place. For example, you may find that your area has limits on the addition of second stories to existing structures, limits on renting additional rooms and many other topics. Prior to making the investment of buying a piece of property, it may be wise to have a real estate attorney conduct a thorough review of the zoning and use restrictions that are in place. These reviews will take a few days to complete as the attorney will need to consider restrictions from any potential sources. However, this delay can be well worth it if it prevents you from buying a property that you will be unable to use the way that you want.

Document Review

There are many documents involved in the transfer of a piece of real estate. There will be documents for the transferring title of the property, finalizing the financing of the property as well as any negotiated stipulations for the purchase. Mistakes or hidden clauses in these contracts can severely compromise the protection that these documents offer. Luckily, it is possible to submit any of your documents to your real estate attorney for review. When reviewing these documents, the attorney will look for potential problems and they will be able to explain the various sections of the contracts so that you understand what you are signing.

Title Verification

When a person buys a home, they may assume that they will be starting a new life in their house. However, there may be instances where previous disputes involving the property resurface. This can occur when there the property has a disputed title. Examples of this can include official liens or dual ownership claims. To protect yourself from the legal ramifications these disputes can cause, your attorney can thoroughly research the history of the title for the property. This will allow any disputes to be known before you bid on the property so that you can make an informed choice.

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